Franny & I have had some very emotional and exhilarating duets.  Franny can surprise me.  She will step up and take on my challenges to follow and match my vocal patterns and rhythms.  It's a rush to encounter a singer so young who can meet this challenge.
Hazel Miller, The Hazel Miller Band

Amazing and wonderful evening. Thank you Francesca for your sensational contributions - you were superb! 
Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary)


Welcome to the music of Franny, aka Francesca Rubin! 

Francesca has been performing professionally since 2012, and is available to book as a trio, quartet or quintet with Franny & the Jets. The band performs at festivals, clubs, private events and retirement homes. 

Franny comes equipped with a compact Bose sound system that will cover your venue with excellent clarity.

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